Under this category, it is aimed to increase the capacity of various target groups including university students of related departments, branch instructors working at vocational and technical high schools’ mining technologies branches, engineers and OHS experts, DGOHS and NGOs. The interventions to be conducted under this category include:  

TRAININGS for UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: Trainings based on risk assessment methodologies designed with a proactive approach and practical application to 1.800 students in mining engineering departments and related earth science and processing departments and vocational higher school of mining technologies will be given. It is planned that 1,800 students in total will be trained in 18 different provinces.

TRAININGS FOR BRANCH INSTRUCTORS:  The aim of this intervention is to deliver trainings to branch instructors working at Vocational and Technical High School-Mining Technologies in order to raise their awareness and technical knowledge associated with OHS. It is planned that 135 instructors in total will be trained in three separate training sessions.

TRAININGS FOR ENGINEERS and OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY PROFESSIONALS: One-day theoretical and applied technical trainings will be provided to engineers and occupational safety experts. The trainings will focus primarily on training issues that will be determined as a result of Training Needs Analysis with the target group before the trainings, especially on the technological underground mining applications, best OHS practices in mining, crisis management for emergency preparedness, risk assessment methods and management system approach, health and safety document for mine workplaces. It is planned to organize one-day trainings in 30 different provinces with 1800 participants in total.

TRAININGS FOR  INFORMING PROJECT PARTIES and STAKEHOLDERS: Delivery of trainings to project parties and stakeholders will be realised to introduce them the Financial Support and Guidance Programme of the Project  as well as to inform about OHS management system for mine workplaces and the strategies to be followed in order to integrate OHS management system management system to the selected workplaces. It is planned to train 100 participants in total in two separate training sessions in two provinces.

TRAINING OF TRAINERS: Under this category, it is aimed to deliver five-day training program to 100 DGOHS staff to ensure that attendees are eligible for “Training of Trainer” certification.